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News Round-Up Jan. 30: The Mommy Label, Ice Moms and Norway’s Child Welfare Blunder

What we’re reading today: 1. We thought Norway was supposed to be cool and progressive? So why did child welfare authorities take a healthy, happy 3-year-old from his parents and send him to live with his uncle in India? 2. “Unless it’s a kid saying it, ‘mom’ or ‘mommy’ denies women’s adulthood or agency,” says… Read More »

Fresh Air from Norway

Contributor Kari Svenneby describes spending summer with kids in Norway Norway! One of the things that strikes me about Canada is how similar Norway and Canada are in both landscape and climates. It is as if someone left Canada in the dryer too long and made a woolen Norway shrink. The coastlines, the mountains and… Read More »


It’s Friday: Watch This Insane Fox Video

Seems like everyone wants to compare notes on what animals say. Even these pop stars from Norway. From the site that never fails to bring us awesome fox stories, the weirdest thing you’ll watch this week. Pretty sure your grade-schooler will watch it on repeat, so best  just enjoy this insane fox video by yourself now.    … Read More »

disney fans

A Disney Heroine Not White As Snow

The internet is a magical place if the world at large is failing you. Take for example the recent case of Disney’s new film, Frozen. Many fans are dejected to find the usual formula for feminine beauty (1. white 2. skinny 3. blonde) again being played for box office dollars. Because the story takes place in the… Read More »

LION'S HEAD SLIDE! - photo by Sharon VanderKaay

Can Someone Please Create a Toronto Playground-Finder App?!

  During a spontaneous but ill-planned spring outing my family and I ended up at Coronation Park, the green space near Toronto’s lakeshore, looking for a playground. We had a vague memory of cycling past one the previous summer. The map apps on my phone could only suggest an indoor climbing gym. We hauled toddler and discovered… Read More »

Finnish Schools also have cute cloakrooms, like this one decorated with childrens' drawings of Moomins

What Finnish Schools Get Right

Finnish students are a lucky lot. They don’t get much homework, and a lot of their school time is dedicated to creative play. There are no standarized tests and no private schools. The state pays for education from preschool through to the PhD level. Teachers are top professionals — teachers’ college is considered one of the… Read More »

Thursday, October 18

Today’s Postcard From Bunchland comes to us from Ernst in Norway.

Monday, September 10

Waiting for the leaves to fall Today’s Postcard from Bunchland comes from Ernst Vikne in Skein, Norway.

Play Date Waivers, Waning Cuteness at 4.5 and an Egg Shortage in Europe

What we’re reading today: 1. New play date trend: signing a waiver. Are people threatening legal action action play dates gone wrong? Can we add sub-clauses re: reasonable, expected childhood injuries like scraped knees from skateboarding? 2. You know how toddlers are so irresistibly cute and you can’t get mad at them but you have… Read More »

Fun Snow Games From Around the World

Cool slants on traditional winter activities for max family fun on winter days. 1. Yukigassen Yukigassen (translating to “snow battle”) is serious business in Japan. Essentially a snowball fighting competition, this game is blasting into other countries across the world, with annual tournaments being held in Finland, Norway, Australia, Sweden and Saskatchewan. How to play:… Read More »

Friday, August 26

Dining al fresco by the lake Today’s Postcard from Bunchland comes from Active Kids Club‘s Kari Svenneby. Svenneby and her family visited Norway this summer; judging by her pictures, we wish we did too.

Wednesday, August 24

Rowing at sunset Today’s Postcard from Bunchland comes from our pal Kari Svenneby who runs Svenneby sent us this photo after her recent family vacation in Norway.