A Love Letter to My Soul Mate

I am blessed beyond measure. Three incredible women – my enchanting wife and two miraculous daughters – make my life splendidly rich. They are the pillars of my existence and the reason for my rewarding profession as a stay-at-home father, domestic engineer, and blogger.

My life is a fascinating mix of simplicity and enchantment. I spend my days in casual attire, creating a loving environment for my children and documenting these experiences. The elements of my job include the joy of playing board games, narrating stories, and occasionally, embarking on exciting adventures. Of course, it isn’t devoid of the ordinary – from grocery shopping to laundry, dishwashing to managing the family calendar. These responsibilities, however, have become acts of service that I cherish.

Our younger daughter, at dinner, often voices her gratitude for “Mommy’s presence at home.” I echo this sentiment, profoundly appreciating your return at the end of each day. Your role as a family doctor fills me with immense pride, and I’m in awe of your dedication to heal and mend.

Your compassion for community health and individual wellness is inspiring. I admire your immersive nature, whether it’s reading a book, watching a TV series, or baking bread. Our shared bedtime stories, the resonance of your voice reading our favourite books to our girls, and our mutual love for literature bring immense joy to my heart.

The memory of your acceptance of my awkward, Tetris-obsessed self sixteen years ago still brings a smile to my face. After twelve years of marital bliss, we continue to find joy in the simple, shared silliness and secret codes. Our reciprocal support and belief in each other make us an unbeatable team.

Although I may not always articulate my love perfectly, I hope my actions speak volumes. This Valentine’s Day, I strive to put my affection into words, expressing that after sixteen years, you remain my beloved, and I am still helplessly smitten. As a cherry on top, I’ve got a special gift waiting for you.