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CBC‘s new interactive series, Breakout! is airing now on their online channel, The Outlet. Designed to encourage global awareness, as well as empower kids to make a difference in their world, Breakout! combines episodic documentaries with online content. After watching the show, kids  can go to the website for the guidance they need to get their class or… Read More »

considering parenthood

Considering Parenting? I Hope You Like Cold Soup

The other night I made my daughter and I Pho-style soup; mine with lemongrass-y tom yum base and hers with chicken stock. I put ice cubes in hers, and then I chased her around the apartment trying to get her to wash her hands and come to the table, which took forever. I ate cold… Read More »

Joseph Shabason (of Destroyer) reps his Aunt Sibyl’s latkes

One day, before I met our new neighbours, I was jostled out of toy-tidying by a few abstract squawks of saxophone. The player was obviously excellent and baby slept through anything, so I pushed open the window for an impromptu concert. Later I went to see Destroyer perform the new record at Lee’s Palace, and noticed the… Read More »